Delight yourself in the Lord. Psalm 37:4

What greater purpose can a man have than to learn more about God? I read that question many years ago in a huge commentary while doing a book report while I was in prison.

For many days I try to think of a greater purpose. I couldn’t find one. Later it seems foolish to me to even look for a greater purpose.

The Lord doesn’t laugh at our foolishness. No I think he rather expects it! When we draw near to God, he draws near to us. When we delight ourselves in Him, He becomes the desire of our hearts.



God is love. He gave His Son. From our human stand point we act in reverse of God sometimes. When a man and woman date and it becomes serious, the woman is looking for one thing. A ring. Marriage is a covenant between the two to honor one another and be faithful to one another. The relationship culminates and a covenant is born. God offers us the ring first and invites us to the covenant of being the Bride of His Son at the start of our relationship into the family of God. John 3:16